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Born and raised in a real estate family in West Palm Beach, Florida, Justin always knew that he would get into real estate. In 2015, he was studying accounting and just completed an internship for a CPA. It was after completing that internship that he decided to pursue real estate instead of accounting and went full-time immediately. His tenacity and drive led him to success quickly and he quickly became a rising star in his local real estate market.

Justin always admired big cities and always dreamed of living somewhere where he would get to experience all four seasons and in June of 2021, decided to leave behind the real estate business he built in Florida to move to his dream city of Chicago. The same tenacity and drive, coupled with the several years of experience he already had, led him to rise through the ranks quickly in the Chicago real estate market as well. 

When Justin is not working, he enjoys exploring the many breweries Chicago has to offer and is particular fond of hazy IPA's. He is also an avid fitness enthusiast, enjoys reading, spending time with his friends, and walks along the lake.

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